February 9, 2018


Experienced parters with global reach

Who we are

Sygeny Ltd is a global digital health analytics and solutions company based out of Finland. Sygeny specialises in digital health product development, health analytics and outcomes (health & economics) based evaluations. Sygeny is both an old and a new company affiliated with two established companies. Data Med Solutions LLC based in the US and DMS Global Informatics based in Malaysia. These Sygeny affiliated companies are well established with a considerable global network of affiliates with expertise in healthcare research, market access, regulatory affairs and business (over 70 and growing). Sygeny is able to leverage the same network on upcoming projects, along with Sygeny’s own strong network of highly skilled digital health technologists.

Working model

Sygeny Principals

Principals have considerable commercialization, scientific, clinical and research experience.

Sygeny Core Support Groups

Core support groups contain ‘preferred’ Business Affiliates/network partners which possess a high level of skill and expertise in their functional areas. Core teams provide commercialization, scientific, technical and clinical expertise for business optimizing activities.

Sygeny Business Affiliates Network

The BA network is comprised of experts in various functional areas that are complimentary to the services we offer.

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